Bags of biodegradable starch that allow composting without any damage to the animal or plant kingdoms. By choosing products from our polyNATURE series you actively protect the environment and contribute to a sustainable development. Certified according to EN 13 432.

Area of use

Suitable for all types of lighter waste


Biodegradable starch


Packed in 20 pcs to 40 pcs

Bättre miljöval


60000318 lit 198/192 x 4100 mm0,015 mmVit2524 rls130
600003210 lit 213/207 x 500 mm0,015 mmVit2520 rls150
600003530 lit 258/252 x 570 mm0,015 mmVit2520 rls100
600003635 lit 303/297 x 750 mm0,020 mmVit2012 rls108

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6000030 Liner bags of biodegradable starch