Our Products

Polynova has one of Europe´s widest selection of plastic products in stock. This means that we can offer fast deliveries at competitive prices. We also have the possibility to produce customized products in accordance with your needs.

You will find our products almost everywhere. In grocery stores, the car industry, public transport, health care, construction works and in your home. In our production line you can find products such as garbage bags, plastic bags, products for bakery and industrial packaging.

Our Green Products

PolyNATURE, polyBLUE and polyGREEN are three product lines of different sustainable raw materials. All our green products are environmentally friendly choices, and by choosing them you are contributing to long-term sustainable development.

Not just packaging

Our concept starts with the delivery of a high-quality product, but it doesn´t end there. Our customers get the opportunity to take part in various services that we have developed to facilitate. This means administrative support for larger procurements, marketing and sales support, staff training and guidance in which new sustainable materials that cover your needs. Regardless of whether an order is standard or not, we meet all needs before, during and after the process.

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Hållbar plastkonsumtion med låg miljöpåverkan

How do we make plastic products a sustainable solution?

Hållbar plastkonsumtion med låg miljöpåverkan

The connection between plastic production and sustainability is not widely known. But for us, it´s a matter of course. With over 40 years in the industry, we can guarantee that we know everything about plastic and thus also how to make it sustainable.

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