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About Polynova

With more than 40 years of experience, one of Europe's largest assortments of plastic products, a global network of production partners, opportunities to produce customized products and innovative sales support and problem-solving services, our ambition is to be the sole partner for our customers plastic and packaging needs. We achieve this with experience, adaptation, and efficiency. We listen to our customers’ needs and create new solutions based on this. As one of Sweden´s leading companies in plastic packaging, we have gathered a solid knowledge of the industry and its products. This makes it easy for us to develop and find solutions for our customers needs.

Every year we handle goods from all over the world for our distributors and retailers. With our global network of over 100 production partners, we can guarantee the right solution at the right price. Our products can be found in several different business areas such as cleaning and FM companies, the public sector, healthcare, retail, construction, agriculture, gardening, and industry. You can trust us with everything regarding sourcing, shipping, storing, quality and environmental control.

Not only packaging

Our business concept is more than merely a delivered product. We have developed various  various services to facilitate for our customers such as administrative support for larger purchases, co-visits with our professional sales representatives, extensive support materials for environmental and sustainability declarations, training, and education of staff. Whether an order is standard or not, we strive to meet all needs before, during and after the process.

Global Business

With more than 40 years in the plastic industry, Polynova has built up a well-established global network of highly professional suppliers. This makes us competitive in offering our customers a wide range of products suitable for several business areas.

In 2009, we founded a purchasing office in China, and we have logistics centers located in Sweden, Norway, and the USA. Polynova is a small company with a large global network. This makes us efficient, flexible, and always with a strong customer focus. We strive to be the best fullrange supplier for our customers packaging needs.

Our Vision

”To be a world-class full-range supplier of polyethene products.”

Our vision permeates our entire business and challenges us always to strive for improvment, regardless of whether it´s about our products or our customer service

Our Business Concept

Polynova offers a wide range of polyethylene products. Our main distribution channels are through resellers. Polynova represents reliability, fast deliveries, good product knowledge and excellent customer service, which has resulted in successful long-term customer relationships.

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We aim for sustainability to facilitate for you to do the same


We consider sustainability equal to quality and they are booth top priorities for us.


With more than 40 years in the industry, we know our customers preferences and how to face their needs


Through the whole life circle, from production to delivered product and recycling we keep a meticulous surveillance.


We strive for simplicity in our entire business, from customer service to choosing the right product


We know the importance of customization. Our customers satisfaction is our top priority, and our solutions are flexible to meet all their requirements


The beginning

RW Nissen was founded in 1946 in Stockholm and initially specialized in the market of plastic greenhouses and irrigation systems for agriculture.


In the late 50´s RW Nissen also started selling plastic films and various types of packaging.

Own Products

During the 70´s and 80´s, RW Nissen began to develop its own products which were patented and sold to numerous countries. A particularly successful invention was the stretch film machine.

Polynova Nordic

In 1975, Polynova Nordic was founded by three former employees of RW Nissen. The company specialized in packaging products made of polyethylene, and early with big ambitions profiling itself in the plastic industry.

The fusion

In 1999, RW Nissen and Polynova Nordic merged together, and Polynova Nissen was founded.

Expanding in the USA

Polynova Nissen Inc is a subsidiary created in 2007, in Naperville, IL, USA. Today, the company is well established in the American market.

Purchase Office China

In 2009, our purchasing office in China opened with bilingual Chinese employees, in order to approach the Chinese production industry and create a more efficient delivery control.

Extended Network

In 2011, our manufacturing network in Europe extended to facilitate more flexible solutions for our customers.


In 2016, Polynova moved to a more modern and cost-effective warehouse.

Environmental Focus

Although sustainability has long been in focus, in 2019 an enormous effort was made in this field. Today, almost the entire product range is made of renewable or recycled raw materials.

Logistics Optimization

In 2021 Polynova relocated warehouse to a modern logistic hub in Gothenburg Sweden. In order to optimize flow of goods from Asia and Europe to customers throughout Scandinavia.

Hållbar plastkonsumtion med låg miljöpåverkan

How do we make plastic products a sustainable solution?

Hållbar plastkonsumtion med låg miljöpåverkan

The connection between plastic production and of course sustainability is not widely known. But for us, it is a very importtant matter . With over 40 years in the industry, we can guarantee that we know everything about plastic production and sustainability.

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