Water-soluble laundry bag is used for safe handling of soiled clothing. The bag dissolves up to 100% at 60 degrees warm water.
Through safe handling, you can avoid dirty/infectious textiles coming into direct contact with personnel during both handling, storage and transport. In other words, no one needs to be exposed to the risk of infection.

Area of use

Used for safe handling of contaminated clothing.




In carton


The sack dissolves up to 100% when machine washed.

Bättre miljöval

Product variations

Art.nr Size Thickness Color Quantity/rol Quantity/ctn Quantity/plt
5000100 60 l 550 x 1000 mm 0,020 mm Transp 25 pcs/pkgg 4 pkgg 95 ctn
5000099 120 l 760 x 1030 mm 0,020 mm Transp 100 pcs/pkgg 3 pkgg 40 ctn

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