Many workplaces apply stringent protective standards. Either humans need protecting against a hazardous environment or vice versa, i.e. the surroundings need protecting against humans, for example in clinical, contamination-sensitive environments. In both cases the protective gear we produce meets stringent standards with regard to safety, flexibility and economy.

vita sneakers med gröna skoskydd
18 May, 2022

Beard Covers

Cover to prevent  beard and moustache from contaminating the environment.
6 September, 2021

Disposable apron with long sleeves

Aprons made of blue virgin LD polyethylene. Delivered in a practical dispenser box. Easily to use by threadin...
6 September, 2021

PolyPROTECT Vinyl Examination Gloves

PolyPROTECT Vinyl Medical Examination Gloves are Powder Free, flexible, soft and kind to your skin. Our vinyl...
5 January, 2017

Bath tub liner

Protection of bathtubs made from virgin low density polyethylene. Comes in a convenient dispenser box. Used p...