Polynova Nissen offers a wide range of construction products, which are kept in stock for fast delivery. We are not, however, limited to a standard range. The majority of our products are customised, meaning that we can offer special dimensions, prints and materials.We also deliver tarps used for protection of ground, furniture, machines, etc. from weather and wind.

A good environmental choice

Our polyProtect durable dust door cover has a double-sided zipper produced from polyethylene. Provides efficient protection against dust, dirt and smell during renovation and remodeling projects. Polyethylene is a good environmental choice that can be recycled many times before ultimately being combusted at a power station. Through combustion polyethyelene produces only carbon dioxide and water.

4 January, 2017


Hose on a roll made of virgin low density polyethylene. Does a prefect and flexible packaging material for lo...
3 January, 2017

PolyBYGG Tarpaulin – Basic coverage cloth

UV-stabilized lightweight tarpaulin made of strong, durable and reinforced polyethylene. Used partly as prote...