Transparent, flat bags made of tough and durable LLD polyethylene for storage and freezing of foods. For heavier and rougher foods recommended a thicker bag, while a thinner is suitable for products that are lighter and have no sharp edges.

Area of use

Storage and freezing of food




Packing: 200 pcs/roll, no core 20 rolls/carton|


Recycled as soft plastic or as incineration. The burning of the plastic forms only water and carbon dioxide. The energy that is extracted during the process can be used for example for warm-up.



42000201l, 160 x 260 mm0,018 mmTransparent20020 rls76
42000212l, 200 x 350 mm0,018 mmTransparent20020 rls52
42000223l, 250 x 400 mm0,018 mmTransparent20012 rls44
42000235l, 300 x 500 mm0,018 mmTransparent20020 rls30
42000241l, 160 x 260 mm0,035 mmTransparent10030 rls64
42000252l, 200 x 350 mm0,035 mmTransparent10020 rls52
42000263l, 250 x 400 mm0,035 mmTransparent10012 rls44
42000275l, 300 x 500 mm0,035 mmTransparent10012 rls40

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4200020 Flat bags for storage and freezing of foods