Stretch film with sticky inside for machines. Capable for pre-stretch up to 150%. Made from virgin LLDPE. Available in various colors, where black offers the most confidentiality.

Area of use

Suitable for pre-stretching up to 150%


Virgin LLD-polyethene


Packaged on roll


Recycled as soft plastic or as incineration. The burning of the plastic forms only water and carbon dioxide. The energy that is extracted during the process can be used for example for warm-up.


2200001500 mm x 1700 m0,020 mm, 16,6 kg/rlsTrans30
2200002500 mm x 1500 m0,023 mm, 16,8 kg/rlsTrans30
2200003500 mm x 2000 m0,017 mm, 16,6 kg/rlsTrans30
2200082500 mm x 1500 mm0,023 mm, 16,8 kg/rlsBlack30
2200083 (on order)500 mm x 1500 mm16,7 kg/rleWhite30

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2200001 PolySTRETCH Plus resinex 530, daily price