Pallet hoods made of prima density polyethylene for easy wrapping of pallets. The hoods can also be used as large refuse sacks.

Area of use

Easy wrapping of pallets




Packaged on rolls


Recycled as soft plastic or as incineration. The burning of the plastic forms only water and carbon dioxide. The energy that is extracted during the process can be used for example for warm-up.

Produktvariationer Storlek Tjocklek Färg Antal/rle Antal/krt Antal/pall
2400003 1250/850 x 1250 mm 0,050 mm Transp 145 pcs 21
2400004 1250/850 x 1650 mm 0,050 mm Transp 110 pcs 22
2400005 (Order item) 1250/850 x1250 mm 0,100 mm Transp 70 pcs 20
2400007 1250/850 x1850 mm 0,100 mm Transp 50 pcs 20

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2400003 Pallet hoods