Steam and moisture barrier delivered folded on a roll with a long life and high quality. The product is blue toned and are made of the best raw materials. It meets the Swedish P-mark.

Area of use

When demand of high standard of quality and durability is vital.




Packaged on roll


Recycled as soft plastic or as incineration. The burning of the plastic forms only water and carbon dioxide. The energy that is extracted during the process can be used for example for warm-up.

Produktvariationer Storlek Tjocklek Färg Antal/rle Antal/krt Antal/pall
1100002 2700mm x 12,5 m/rle double 0,200 mm Blue tone 12,5 m - 98
1100003 2700 mm x 25 m/rle double 0,200 mm Blue tone 25 m - 50
1100005 Order item 4000 x 25 m/rle Bellows 0,200 mm Blue tone 25 m - 25

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1100001 Sustainable construction foil, daily price