Create better space with our Sopi! Replace traditional waste bins with these blocked bags, mounted and secured with a metal holder. When a bag is full, simply tug, discard and use the next one. Convenient in many different settings such as public transport, cars, offices hotels and other public spaces. Comes in two varieties: 100 bags with a paper header or 50 bags with a plastic header. Easy to use and to recycle.
We now offer our Sopi in a practical starter kit with one block (50 bags) and one metal holder.

Area of use

Trash bags perfect for smaller spaces such as cars, trains and office environments.




50 bags each block


Recycle as soft plastic or incinerate. The energy that is extracted during incineration can be used for example for heating of residences.

Product variations Size Thickness Color Quantity/rol Quantity/ctn Quantity/plt
6000200 (plastic header) 215/150 x 350 mm 0,020 mm White 50 pcs/block 50 blocks 27
6000010 (paper header) 215/150 x 350 mm 0,020 mm White 25 pcs/block 100 blocks 27
6000011 Metal holder Metal 10 pcs 500

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6000200 Trash bag for all areas within the cleaning industry