Low tribocharging bin liners to be used in small waste bins

Comply with: 61340-5-1 och 94/62/CE
ESD-apporved by SP (Swedish National Testing and Research Institute) 230-03-0180, 19/11/2003

Also avaliable as garbage bags 70 l and 120 l

Area of use

To be used in waste bins to protect  devices sensitive to electrostatic discharges


Low tribocharging LDPE, heavy metal < 100 ppm


On roll


Recycled as soft plastic or incinerated. The energy extracted during incineration can be used for heating.

Product variations

Art.nr Size Thickness Color Quantity/rol Quantity/ctn Quantity/plt
7091391 40 l 380/160x650 mm 0,023 mm Pink 50 pcs 20 rolls

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