Insert bags for packing e.g. food in cardboard boxes. The bags are made of thin, dense HD polyethylene which is colored blue for easier recognition.

Area of use

Insert bag for charcuterie cartons and food packaging.


HD polyethylene


Packed on a roll


Recycled as soft plastic or incineration. During combustion, only water and carbon dioxide are formed. The energy extracted during the process can be used for e.g. heating.


Product variations Size Thickness Color Quantity/rol Quantity/ctn Quantity/plt
3000016 15 kg 450/350 x 550 mm 0,020 mm Blue 375 pcs 2 rolls 25 ctn
3000017 30 kg 630/470 x 700 mm 0,020 mm Blue 250 pcs 2 rolls 24 ctn

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