Our wet waste bag has the same good properties as our standard paper bag and can e.g. stand for oneself. In addition, it has a polyethylene inner bag which makes it an excellent choice for really wet and heavy waste. A favorite among craftsmen.

Area of use

Suitable for all types of waste


1 sheet of wet-strength kraft paper with polyethylene bag


Loose in bundle


Classified as combustible. During combustion, only water and carbon dioxide are formed. The energy extracted during the process can be used for e.g. heating.

Product variations

Art.nr Size Thickness Color Quantity/rol Quantity/ctn Quantity/plt
5400008 60 l 860 x 550 x 200 mm 90g/m2 Brown 25 pcs/bdl 80 bdl
5400004 125 l 750 x 1000 x 250 mm 90g/m2 Brown 25 pcs/bdl 60 bdl

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