Green PE is the name for polyethylene that is made from sugarcane-based material. It has the same properties as ordinary polyethylene and is 100% recyclable, but is therefore made from mainly renewable raw materials. A clearly better environmental choice that contributes to reduced carbon dioxide emissions. We call our products in the polyGREEN series - regardless of color, they are all green in their own way.

Area of use

Fits shoe cover holder 4490092. Excellent for waiting rooms.


Made of green PE I´m green


In dispenser box


Recycled as soft plastic or incineration. During combustion, only water and carbon dioxide are formed. The energy extracted during the process can be used for e.g. heating.

Bättre miljöval


Product variations Size Thickness Color Quantity/rol Quantity/ctn Quantity/plt
4400081 Large 150 x 410 mm Environment Green 200 pcs/disp 6 disp 12 ctn

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