Polynova Nissen stocks a large selection of refuse sacks of various material qualities for fast delivery. A significant advantage of choosing Polynova Nissen is that we are not limited to a standard range; we gladly help our clients develop customised products. Are you looking for a distributor that can offer unique products with or without print, or perhaps with special characteristics suited to your specific applications? If your answer is yes, Polynova Nissen is your natural choice.

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30 August, 2021

PolyBLUE Garbage Bag

PolyBLUE is despite it´s name one of our greenest garbage bags, made from 100 % recollected and recycled poly...
31 January, 2018

PolyBLUE Garbage bag

PolyBLUE is one of our most eco-friendly garbage bags, consisting of 100% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) LD-pol...
14 December, 2016

PolyPRIMA LLD refuse sack

Made of prima odorless LLD-polyethylene, that is tough and durable. Suitable for situations where there are h...
14 December, 2016

PolyREG refuse sack Plastic recycle

Made of recycled low density polyethylene available with print "recycled plastic". For reclaiming plastic for...
14 December, 2016

PolyPRIMA Trash Liner for optical sorting

Bags with tie handles on roll, suitable for optical sorting at the waste plant. Red bags are used for combust...