Our standard assortment of charcuterie bags and sheets consists of different dimensions and designs. We offer charcuterie bags on roll or loosely packed, both with fast delivery. But since we are not limited to a standard range, we can offer most of our products with customized design or dimensions. Please contact us and we will find a good solution for your needs.

6 September, 2021

PolyPROTECT Vinyl Gloves Powder-Free

PolyPROTECT disposable vinyl gloves are flexible, soft and kind to your skin. The powder-free gloves provide...
14 February, 2017

Zippered bun rack cover

Avoid contamination of your fresh buns and other bakery products during storage and transportation, and keep...
14 December, 2016

Bun Rack Cover

Ideal for foodservice operations, supermarkets, bakeries and institutional feeders. Strong, tough, tear resis...