About cookies

Cookies consist of small text files. The text files contain data that is stored on the visitor’s computer. Occasionally the website requests data from the cookies the visitor has stored on his computer. Websites use cookies, including for the purpose of storing settings for how the website is to be displayed to the visitor. Another common use of cookies is as part of collecting information regarding visitors’ behaviour.

Polynova Nissen’s use of cookies

Polynova Nissen uses cookies to improve user-friendliness on the website, such as keeping tabs on the data you have entered when filling in online forms.

Polynova Nissen uses two types of cookie. One type is a permanent cookie that saves a file for a long period of time on your cookie. It is also used for functions that tell of what is new since the user last visited the website in question. The other types of cookie are called session cookies and these are only valid during the visit to the website, for example, to find out whether you are logged in or what you have written in an online form.

Polynova Nissen does not use third-party cookies or cookies for marketing purposes.

The visitors’ consent

The starting point is that we obtain your consent before we obtain or store cookies. This applies to all forms of cookies. For this reason we do not obtain your consent when cookies are only used to keep tabs on the information you enter when you fill in an online form or when we measure web traffic on our website using our own tools.

You have the option of changing the settings in the web browser’s security settings so that the website does not receive any cookies.

We do not collect personal data through the cookies we use. In the event of Polynova Nissen starting to use other forms of cookies that collect personal data about you, we will not hand over the personal data to any other party. You will also be informed of us using new cookies and be given the option of consenting to the storage of the cookies in question before they are stored with us.

If you decide not to accept cookies, you will not be able to use vital functions on Polynova Nissen’s website unfortunately, such as logging in and purchasing products.